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About Us 

AGS Team

Authentication & Grading Services, “A.G.S” is a company specializing in the grading and authentication of Antique Advertising. Our A.G.S. Point Scale Grading System is unlike any other in the industry and provides a gold-standard transparent and accurate service that can be scaled and scored throughout all categories of Antique Advertising.


As our hobby and industry continues to advance in demand as well as in price growth, our goal for A.G.S. is to allow novice and expert collectors and dealers alike to buy with complete confidence knowing with no doubt the originality and grade of what they purchase.


If potential collectors are purchasing from the largest auction houses in the country or purchasing over the phone or internet, they can buy with confidence knowing that we provide the gold standard for grading and authentication in Antique Advertising. 

The Problem

The problem faced for the last decade in our industry and hobby has been the influx of new hobby collectors who are eager to spend with no unbiased or transparent standard of grading or authentication to turn to or rely upon when it comes time to make a purchase. What was once a small blue-collar style hobby has transformed into a multi-million-dollar industry with no true standard of genuine versus counterfeit, as well as, no standard system of scoring a piece for accurate and definitive grading.

AGS Team

Our Solution

Our solution to this growing problem in our industry and hobby is implementing the A.G.S. Point Scale Grading & Authentication System throughout the entire industry, providing collectors, auction houses, dealers, and potential new collectors with a clear and concise set standard grading and authentication system they can learn and trust.


Items that have been authenticated, verified, and scored by A.G.S. will be just a quick QR code scan away from viewing that verified piece on your phone or computer in a completely new and sophisticated highly detailed way allowing potential buyers as well as collectors to view pieces in every aspect to provide a more transparent and precise way of viewing and buying for both buyers and sellers. Along with high-quality detailed photography, subscribers will also now be able to view how an item receives its grade by viewing the A.G.S. Point Scale Grading Chart assigned to every piece verified by A.G.S.

This brief and concise system will allow Collectors to bid or purchase with confidence remotely as well as provide private dealers and auction houses with clear and accurate condition reports with verified authenticity from an unbiased third-party source.


The solution provided to this growing problem in our industry and hobby will allow veteran and novice collectors to buy with the same confidence knowing their purchases have been accurately scored, graded, and guaranteed to be original and authentic. 


  • What criteria does AGS use to grade items?
    Please review our grading guide to learn more about the AGS proprietary grading system.
  • Can my items be authenticated, graded, and/or appraised through photos or digital communication?
    No. All items must be authenticated in person by one of our team members. Your options are to send your item by mail, visit us at one of many antique shows throughout the year, or to arrange a site visit with us if you have a large quantity of items.
  • What value does the sticker have?
    Our stickers are placed in the least intrusive location possible on your item. Each sticker will include the inventory number, QR code, and grade (if applicable). This provides you and potential buyers with easy access to additional photos, manufacturer information, and details regarding the condition and rarity of your item.
  • What if my item is determined not to be original?
    AGS reserves the right not to process and sticker your items if we deem them inauthentic. In the rare occasion that we sticker an item and determine later that it is not authentic, we also reserve the right to remove the sticker and refund the original patron his or her money.
  • How do I find out more about an item that has been AGS certified?
    Each item that has been AGS certified is assigned a distinct inventory number as well as a unique QR code. In order to learn additional information about the item, you must subscribe to our state-of-the-art database. There are monthly and yearly subscription options. Once you are a member, you can either search the inventory number in the database or simply scan the QR code to be instantly taken to the item’s listing.
  • What is the cost to have my item authenticated?
    We offer three tiers of services with different prices for each. Tier 1 Authentication Tier 2 Authentication & Grading Tier 3 Authentication, Grading, & Market Evaluation
  • What if I want my entire collection authenticated, graded, and/or appraised?
    Please reach out to us through the “Contact Us” on our website. We will be happy to give you a custom quote for either a part or your entire collection. Entire collections will be processed on location.
  • What if my item is damaged after I have it graded, authenticated, and/or appraised?
    AGS’s liability ends the moment we hand over or ship the customer’s item back. If an item is damaged subsequent to our assessment, we will be happy to reprocess and sticker the item and update it in our database. This expense will be incurred by the customer.
  • What is the value in paying for this service?
    AGS services benefit items of particular rarity and high condition. In today’s world of advertising collectibles, rarity and condition dictate value. Our services offer both the owner and potential buyers peace of mind in knowing exactly what they are spending their money on.
  • What qualifications do the AGS team have?
    The AGS team has decades of combined experience in both collecting and selling the best antique advertising collectibles. While mistakes happen, our team strives to use our knowledge, access to research, and our Niton XL5 XRF Analyzer to provide our customers with multiple datapoints as to why their item is authentic or not.
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